B. Keith Ropemaker - Contacts


If you would like to chat about ropemaking, drop me a note at bkeithropemaker@gmail.com

I promise to never re-post anything you mail, without your express consent. And I will never sell your contact information.

In Person

Here are some places I've been, and hope to visit again. If we happen to be in the same place, at the same time, let's talk about rope. Or have a beer. Or both.

Benjamin Banneker Colonial Market Fair 2018 - 2019 GeoHack

Chestertown Tea Party 2023 GeoHack

Ellicott City 250th Anniversary 2022 GeoHack

Fort Frederick 18th Century Market Fair 2019 GeoHack

Fort Loudoun Market Fair 2021 GeoHack

Maryland Historical Society Colonial Market 2018 - 2019 GeoHack

Maxwell Hall Market Fair 2018 - 2019
2021 - 2022

Mount Vernon Colonial Market & Fair
Mount Vernon Revolutionary War Weekend
2020 - 2021
2022 - 2023

Sully Historic Site 2021 - 2022


Colophon Contacts